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Kitchen Renovation


Full Reno

In the simplest of terms, you’re getting a brand new kitchen with this package. It starts at $55k and includes brand new cabinets, new floors and trim, countertops, backsplash, recessed lighting, and a fresh coat of paint to finish it all off.

Layout Changes

Maybe you want to add a dishwasher. Maybe your fridge is in an awkward location. Maybe you’d love to add a window over your sink. Whatever it is, our Layout Change packages start at $65k and the sky is the limit in what we can do.

Blow Out the Walls

A functional kitchen is a necessity. It’s possible that your kitchen is simply not big enough to cater to your culinary skills and ambitions. If you have under-used space around your kitchen, there’s a good chance we can “blow out the walls” and open things up to expand your kitchen. Our Blow Out the Walls package starts at $80k and ends with a home friends won’t even recognize.

I know what package best fits my needs. Now what?