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October 18, 2022 0 Comments

5 Helpful Moving Tips

5 Helpful Moving Tips

Moving to a new home is an exciting time. The part that isn’t so exciting is the moving. Moving companies are expensive and you can save a lot by packing yourself. It’s a large task so where do you begin? Here are 5 helpful moving tips to help you along your journey.

What Goes With You?

1. Take a hard look at your possessions and determine what is important enough for you to move to a new home. This is a task you want to undertake well before your packing begins. Furnishings, clothing, knick-knacks, the old broken lamp you’ve had tucked in the closet – do you need to move all of it to your new home? If the lamp is valuable – get it fixed. But for the things that truly don’t matter, consider donating to your local thrift store, having a big yard sale, or selling things on the Facebook marketplace. You can earn some extra money to go toward your moving expenses.

Invest in Boxes

2. Use good clean boxes. Liquor stores have good clean boxes you can pick up rather than purchasing new boxes. But the only problem with them is they are generally small. Small is good when you have to pick them up. But too many small boxes represent multiple trips into your moving truck. And whether you’re packing up a truck or you’re hiring someone to pack one for you, small boxes mean more boxes. And more boxes mean more time. Ask for boxes on social media as you may have neighbors who have recently moved. Or, bite the bullet and purchase good boxes from a moving company like UHaul or at Home Depot or Lowes. Larger boxes hold a lot and similar sizes stack easier in your truck. Mark all boxes so you can place them in the right rooms when you move.

Professional Movers

3. Hire professional movers to pack your truck. You want to make the most efficient use of the space in your moving truck. Furthermore, you want all items to be secure so they do not shift while the truck is in motion. 

Pack for Your “Trip”

4. Have a suitcase with clean clothes that is easily accessible. Be sure to include clean towels and bath items. You’ll want to have a set of clean sheets easily accessible as well. The idea is to have everything you need to be able to bathe a sleep on your first night in your new home. Keep in mind that everything you own is in boxes and unpacking doesn’t happen overnight. Even if you end up sleeping on a mattress on the floor, at least you’ll have clean sheets. Putting together bed frames takes time and generally speaking, the move is tiring. 

Shelf Liners

5. If you’re a fan of using shelf paper in your kitchen and bathrooms, be sure to purchase it and have it on hand before your move. That way as movers are bringing your belongings into your new home, you can get your shelf paper cut and installed and be ready to set up your kitchen and bathrooms.

Movers charge from $80 to over $100 per hour for a two-person team. Unless you have a strong back and a group of great friends, hiring movers is a necessity worth paying for from packing your truck, to unloading it in your new location. Be sure to check local reviews to find reputable movers. A good crew will come with the right equipment to be able to expedite your job.

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