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April 12, 2023 0 Comments

Why Choose a Custom Builder

Why Choose a Custom Builder

A home is a lifetime investment. It is more than a living space in terms of functionality, comfort, style, and luxury. Still, many find themselves in a dilemma of choosing between a custom home designed and built from scratch and going for an existing home or a spec home.

If you have decided to free yourself from standard spaces, it’s only right to find a custom home builder who can bring your dream home to life. It’s no secret that there are dozens of options for home builders in Maryville, Tn but choosing the right one is the ticket to extraordinary results. Building your home can be a painstaking process, but it is worth it all the way. We have made a list of reasons to consider when you ask yourself, “Why choose a custom builder?”


Why Everyone Is Considering A Custom Home Builder For Their Next Home 

Endless options

With a custom-built home, you get to decide and choose every detail of your home, from your front door to the bathroom features. It’s also flexible with custom home plans and can easily accommodate what you have in mind. To put it simply, every inch of your home is all you!

At Debuty Builders, we have over-proven floorplans designed and priced, which takes the guesswork out of the design process. Don’t spend thousands of dollars and months of time designing a home that is not within your budget! If you don’t find a design that fits your needs, we can modify a plan or design it from scratch. But we will do it based on a budget and a level of finish that fits your style and budget!

Meet your functionality needs

Your home should be designed to meet functionality, and pre-built homes may not be up to the mark. If you wish to get the most out of your space, a custom home builder can optimize every section of your home. You can work together to establish floor plans that you decide just for you. This will revolve around your lifestyle and unique needs and remove the possibility of unused spaces. 

Voice out your preferences

Your hobbies, lifestyle, and taste should be considered in your home. Custom floor plans are as flexible as possible, giving room for anything you pictured in your vision. It makes your home special, with YOU written all over it.

There are various options for pre-built homes, but none will match all your preferences. You may spend hours finding the one that suits your needs and still has to sacrifice some crucial elements. 

Budget flexibility

While the common notion is that custom homes are much more costly than their pre-built and semi-custom counterparts, this isn’t the case. When you partner with a credible custom home builder, your home is built within your budget. It’s safe to say that your home is only as expensive as you let it be. Your builder helps you customize your home with options within your budget and will help guide you on the specific products and materials that will make your home unique and efficient.


Custom home builders partner with credible vendors for high-quality work from beginning to end. Home builders with a long history of business in a community like Debuty Builders have long-term relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring that you the homeowner have access to high-quality materials and workmanship at the best price available. This saves you costly and frequent repairs in the long run that you could have avoided with construction done well the first time.


Debuty Builders, Inc

As an Accredited Business Member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) we carry an A+ rating. This means that we have chosen to be accountable. We continue to demonstrate good faith in our community through our business relationships and our operations. As an Energy Star Partner, Debuty Builders, Inc. is committed to responsible construction practices by installing sustainable and energy-efficient materials.

September 5, 2022 0 Comments

Storm Restoration Services Alcoa TN

Storm Restoration Services Alcoa TN

As the summer season is closing, we can expect the heat to taper off a little. However, the season change also brings one of the region’s most notable foes. The fall does not just bring boots, sweaters, and PSLs; it is also bringing storms. While the mountains provide some shield from the storms, we still get damage from hail and strong wind. In the event of damage to your home, Debuty Builders has pride in offering restoration services in Alcoa, TN.

Hail Damage

This is due to the nature of hail. It oftentimes encompasses a large geographic area and damages thousands of homes and commercial properties. Due to the extensive amount of damage that occurs during a hail event, roof repair and replacement represents the majority of our insurance restoration projects for most years. As a result, we have extensive experience and expertise in this type of property claim.

Replacement Hail Damage

Hail can also affect many other exteriors and even home interior items. This can range from air conditioning units to interior damage caused by subsequent leaks. Our construction expertise helps to identify the extent of the damage. It is important to note that we offer a total restoration solution in this situation.

Insurance Consultant

We work for insurance proceeds and your deductible. You do not need to be concerned that the insurance company did not provide enough funds as this is our responsibility. At Debuty Builders, Inc. we have extensive experience in roof replacement on both residential and commercial properties. In the past five years, we have completed hundreds of these projects. Debuty Builders, Inc. is experienced with virtually every roofing material and application.

Debuty Builders Inc. is the Leading Custom Home Builder in Blount County

If you have a need for storm restoration in Alcoa, Debuty is here for you. Our team of experts is ready to repair your dream home in a timely manner and will guide you every step of the way. Call 865.233.7290 to contact our home consultant, and discuss your storm restoration goals.

June 23, 2022 0 Comments

Alcoa Tennessee House Construction

Alcoa Tennessee House Construction

Debuty Builders, Inc


As an Accredited Business Member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), we carry an A+ rating which means that we have chosen to be accountable, and we continue to demonstrate good faith to our community through our business relationships and our operations. As an Energy Star Partner, Debuty Builders, Inc. is committed to responsible construction practices by installing sustainable and energy-efficient materials.


On Budget

The main idea and concept for us are what will be right for a particular person, family, or business. We rely on our experience, creativity, and latest achievements to get the best solution for your home. We are able to offer tips for staying on budget including a realistic cost expectation.


Realistic Costs

Because of our experience, we are realistic about the cost of each stage including a breakdown of each stage of construction.  Also, line-item costs within that stage, are as close as you can get to the final penny. It may be tempting to do a quick online search of national averages. Remember the cost of labor and materials may be different in your area, and survey data is often published a year after the fact. Find the most updated data and prices based on your location when evaluating competing bids. Ask around about recent nearby builds. Also, talk to designers and tradespeople who understand real-life costs.


Choose Finishes Before Breaking Ground

The more you dive into the nitty-gritty of choosing finishes before you begin construction, the less likely you’ll be to run into budget overruns. This may seem, tedious, but it is worth it. National Association of Home Builders, says interior finishes take the biggest chunk out of your total building budget. Planning for every penny down to the last bathroom tile and kitchen faucet means no budget-busting surprises. Also, you can immediately rule out where you need to tighten your budget and where you can splurge.


As you can see, there are many ways mapping out a new home costs can alleviate stress from your process.  If you are doing new construction or remodeling, Debuty Builders Inc. in Maryville, TN is here to help you reach your goals!