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2022 Design Trends

2022 Design Trends

Many design trends making a splash this year are inspired by decades past such as the 40s and 90s. Coupled with a modern approach, you can expect 2022’s homes to be zen and functional. Neutral shades predominate, but bold accents are making appearances. Irradesant hues and metallics – like mother of pearl and bronze – are often featured as well. The outdoors are being invited inside through widened door frames and accordion windows. Merging towards minimalism, cords are being hidden and TVs are being disguised within decor as portrait frames.

Black, White, and Beige

This year’s neutrals have a tiny splash of color in them. Trendy blacks have a touch of olive, and whites have a dash of brown. Past greys and other off-white hues make last year’s kitchens decidedly easier to adapt. This subtle tonal switch instantly brings warmth to a room making guests feel more welcome.


Scruffy wood has largely been rejected in this year’s design trends. In its place, natural, soft-toned woods have become popular, but they, too, aren’t as simple as they might seem. The trendiest exotics are treated to a barely-there white stain before being finished with a matte sheen. Birch-inspired wood is the exception and is being achieved with the help of distressed, unvarnished surfaces. In contrast, bold wooden wall treatments give art mid-century modern-inspired furniture an element of warmth.

Kitchen Features

Kitchen islands with subtly-shaded bodies are back, so you can haul out your paintbrush. Backsplashes are equally key in this year’s design trends. They’re wider than they’ve ever been, covering entire walls in metallic tiles and verticle patterns. Adding a bold backsplash to your kitchen is one home renovation that can greatly change the dynamic of your room without greatly hitting your bank account.

Open Bathrooms

This year’s bathrooms are inspired by Mediterranean environments. If your tub doesn’t make a statement, it’s time for an upgrade because it will form a key part of an expanded bathroom, which should be spacious and inviting. Homeowners are breaking into their hallways and closets to expand their bathroom footprints. They’re even creating an outdoor space for their destination bathtubs. Add an atrium roof and a garden to your interior bathroom to create a balance between indoors and out. For extra luxury, drying stations are being used instead of walk-in closets.

Not So Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have been a part of design trends for years, but methods of handling them are constantly in flux. Post covid, building trends seem to reflect more private areas and nooks within a floor plan. Wooden slat room dividers are making an appearance as yet another way to artificially demarcate living spaces without removing the illusion of spaciousness.


While some stylish homes have been adding more wooden accents, others opt for a cool stone finish. Marble and granite are back on trend, with vintage rattan achieving a contrast. Add original terrazzo or soapstone and you’ll achieve a decidedly light and confident style.

Living Vintage

Painted wood furniture achieves an authentic look that can be enhanced by Mediterranean ceiling beams. Scruffy jute rugs add an unexpected, but thrilling, contrast. Foliage-dominated arrangements are adding a laid-back atmosphere. However, traditional fresh-cut florals are offering charm to design and are being seen more frequently.



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