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July 20, 2022 0 Comments

Remodel Or Build Home In Blount County?

Remodel Or Build Home In Blount County?


To address the age-old question of remodeling versus building new, there are a few things you should consider. When you remodel, you need to figure out if you need any building permits or how the additions will change your housing footprint.  You may also run into structural issues or budget-eating surprises.

With large remodels, it may just be better to build a custom-made house from scratch. However, the debate about remodeling or building a new custom home in Hamilton County cannot be based solely on construction costs.  There’s also the connection you have to your current home and how much you like your neighborhood.  Of course, if you love your lot and need a better housing fit, you could always go the demolish and rebuild route.

3 Things to Consider Before Remodeling 

Remodeling can be a big undertaking and one that can potentially upend your family.  The result hopefully comes out just as you envisioned, but there are some things before you pull the trigger that you should consider:

Does Your HOA or Historic District Allow For Extensive Home Improvements? 

Will Remodeling Dredge Up More Issues? 

How Inconvenienced Are You Willing To Be During A Remodel? 


What To Consider When Building a New Custom Home

Depending on how large you remodel, building a new home may seem more cost-effective. There are some common reasons why homeowners in Maryville or Alcoa may be reluctant to build a new home.  These reasons include:

Do you want to move to a different neighborhood? 

Do you have a close connection to your home?


What About A Custom-Build On Your Existing Lot?

One solution to the remodel versus building a custom home is to take down the old house and replace it with the new home on the same lot.  This way you will be able to rebuild with modern materials to your specifications without leaving your Blount County neighborhood.

The architectural design advantages of tearing down and rebuilding with a clean slate can be enormous.  With a custom house on your lot, you might be able to get some improvements not available during a remodel, like tall ceilings or a finished basement.  You can also change the wiring, plumbing, and heating from the ground up so it’s safer and more energy efficient.

Keep in mind that you will have to get building permits, but with a new build, you can get a builder like Debuty. We’ll be with you every step of the way so that your new custom build house will become yours forever home.


Debuty Builders Inc. is the Leading Custom Home Builder in Blount County

If you decide to build a new home in Blount County, Debuty is here for you. Our team of experts is ready to create your dream home in a timely manner and will guide you every step of the way. Call 865.233.7290 to contact our new home consultants, and we’ll discuss your custom home goals.